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Bounce rate

Bounce Rate Explained in 2020

Bounce rate is not a foreign term to most social media marketers. In fact, it’s a term that triggers mixed reactions to most digital marketers. But, what exactly is bounce rate and why should it spark different reactions? Let’s have a deeper look at this term, bounce rate. What is the meaning of bounce rate?Continue reading “Bounce Rate Explained in 2020”

How to use content marketing to grow your business

Content marketing is not new to digital marketers, brands, or business owners. But can content marketing contribute to the growth of a business?  Let’s dive in and find out more about content marketing and business growth. What is content marketing? In my opinion, content marketing is sharing content to create a relationship with your audience,Continue reading “How to use content marketing to grow your business”

How to get started with digital marketing in 2020 (A comprehensive guide)

Does digital marketing have an impact on a business or company? If you’re stuck on the best digital marketing strategies to use in your business, then, this article is for you. As the name suggests, digital marketing is the use of the internet to promote products and services online. Digital marketing or online marketing asContinue reading “How to get started with digital marketing in 2020 (A comprehensive guide)”

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